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CALDWays 2020
CALDWays 2020


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Day 1
Thursday, 29 October 2020
Day 2
Friday, 30 October 2020
30 October 2020
10:15 am - 11:55 am - 30 October 2020
Presentation - CALDWays 2020 - Plenary Room Day 2
10:15 am
Brett is once again strutting our online stage as MC. He aims to bring energy, curiosity and humour to proceedings. 
Warning: there will be audience participation! When off-stage Brett consults to the nonprofit sector on marketing, media and communications. He also hosts 'The Hardest Word' a podcast featuring real people from around the world making real apologies.
10:25 am
This presentation explores strategies for implementing the Aged Care Diversity Framework within home support and home care agencies.  It will particularly focus on considerations for older clients from CALD backgrounds who are also represented across other identified diversity groups (e.g. people with mental health issues) as this can add layers of complexity.  The presentation will suggest a simple framework for designing strategies that aim to address inequities in access and outcomes for people from the 12 identified diverse groups in aged care.  
10:55 am
With aged care organisations required to demonstrate that the workforce is planned and the number and mix of staff deployed enables the delivery and management of safe and quality care and services, a standard approach to the fundamental elements of workforce planning is needed. The elements are: 
• an organisation’s business model (including model of care offered)
• profiles of each consumer
• development and updating of holistic care plans
• organisation of work (staff numbers, composition and skills)
• reporting and accountability to consumers, including provision for integrated care and clinical governance committee for coverage of care delivered.

30 October 2020
11:55 am - 12:05 pm - 30 October 2020
Morning Tea
Break - CALDWays 2020 - Plenary Room Day 2
30 October 2020
12:05 pm - 1:05 pm - 30 October 2020
Session 1
Presentation - CALDWays 2020 - Plenary Room Day 2
12:05 pm
The presentation will tackle the issue of demand - sheer numbers and the imperative of older CALD consumers, what is the future of aged care post Royal Commission. Key themes and projected directions, what assumptions have been made by the Royal Commission and how does this inform our work? How do we remain strategic? Do we have non-negotiable elements? - FECCA work and insights across Aged Care, Disability and Health. Where will we land?
12:35 pm
For over 20 years we have been aware of the increase in the number of consumers who speak languages other than English in aged care services. The role of a shared language cannot be underestimated in meeting the consumer's needs and preferences, providing emotional and social support as well as ensuring that their rights are met. How has the sector prepared for this and what improvements can be made to ensure that the challenge of effective communication is better addressed ?
30 October 2020
1:05 pm - 1:45 pm - 30 October 2020
Lunch Break
Break - CALDWays 2020 - Plenary Room Day 2
30 October 2020
1:45 pm - 3:15 pm - 30 October 2020
Session 2
Presentation - CALDWays 2020 - Plenary Room Day 2
1:45 pm
Edwin is a Nigerian born leader and proud husband, father and grandfather. His positive mindset was tested in 2014 when he fell critically ill, leaving him with physical disability and unable to return to his home country at 62 years of age.  Edwin will share his lived experience of settlement in Sydney, navigating the complex Australian systems, and striving to live his life with as much dignity, choice and independence as possible. 
2:15 pm
Listening to personalised music is a simple and low cost intervention with therapeutic benefits for those living with dementia.  With the onset of COVID there are limited visits and staff shortages, staff have had to develop ways to create virtual experiences and connections using new technologies. Moove & Grove has developed an innovative world first program of audio and visual content curated for seniors, accommodating over 20 different cultural choices. 
2:45 pm
You will hear and see Umbrella in action, learn about our organisation’s objectives, innovative programs and how they strive to continually improve their services. 
30 October 2020
3:15 pm - 3:25 pm - 30 October 2020
Afternoon Break
Break - CALDWays 2020 - Plenary Room Day 2
30 October 2020
3:25 pm - 4:05 pm - 30 October 2020
Session 3
Presentation - CALDWays 2020 - Plenary Room Day 2
3:25 pm
The panel will provide practical strategies for service providers to be inclusive in their approach and service delivery.